About Us

Serving the Executive Agenda

We produce exceptional performance from your existing team. If you are tired of missed opportunities, or paying low energy workers to hold a chair till retirement, you will adore us. We help CEO's, CFO's, and SVP launch a successful leap into a higher market position. If your trajectory matters, you will see a visible difference in the first 11 minutes of a 14 minute meeting. If you've read Emyth you know the goals of setting things right. Ability to delegate exactly what is needed for predictable profitable growth without waste or misdirection. We provide executive steering control using integrated program management with the fully coordinated bottom up details your team needs.

After years of consulting the recurring problem was solutions just didn't stick. In 2002 we started CertTest Training Center to do better than preaching theory. We added back the missing "how to do it" recipe instructions that your team workers need. The success of Toyota and McDonald's is achieved by their focus in low level tasks. Shockingly, the most requested Certifications in your job posting's are simply high level lectures of theory followed by scoring 64% or better on 175 question multiple choice test, with zero performance of actual tasks. These won't solve your needs.

Teams Learn By Performing Detailed Execution

in 2003, CertTest became one of only three places for the official U.S. National Security Agency training for Information Assurance Methodology (IAM) and Information Evaluation Methodology (IEM). Yes, it's impressive to be listed on NSA.gov. NSA required background check's prior to attending these how-to classes. NSA required students to properly perform each of the highly detailed technical tasks by their own hands for a passing score. That became CertTest's manifest destiny.

By 2006 our Instructors became published as Best Selling Authors in global distribution with John Wiley & Sons. Our in-house creation from conscept idea to production became CertTest Press, Inc. a spin-off mixed media publishing group.​ In 2009 our full color process diagrams adored executive offers as their "go-to how-to" wall posters.

No More Lectures

Our 3rd Generation design of content delivery for 2012-2013 changed the entire learning spectrum. We created a new Advanced Experience Accelerator by using the actual recipe of tools while performing each of the detailed work tasks in a practical Step-by-Step sequence that's 100% applicable to their job. The value is very high for both persons of no prior experience or seasoned professional updating to the newest methods.​

​In 2016, we started CertTest Labs to provide highly detailed technical content for students including Build-from-Scratch learning activities.  We focus on developing guidance for using disruptive enterprise technology in a practical manner for stable operations. We focus on pushing the toppling point of status quo to outperform mainstream technology used by your competitors. We lead with what you should be doing & will be doing very soon to keep abreast of competitors. A serious opportunity opens to allow the earlier adopters to take rapidly away market share from your market incumbents.

Coordinated Employee Awareness, to Specific Team Training, up to Expert Level

​CertTest Training Center's 4th generation of content uses a detailed technical implementation recipe for students to individually perform each of the job tasks with a 100% knowledge transfer. No waste, No gaps. Courses are organized into sequential levels for job roles. No time wasted in lectures since the teaching method is like cooking school with each student performing every task in sequence, while keeping in sync with the instructor(s). Hands on execution blows away theory every single time.

Organizational Payoff

Now instead of paying for your best employees to get new jobs elsewhere, you can train them how to increase the performance of your organization for higher profits. Even with some attrition your organization will get more done at noticeably higher accuracy with faster turnaround. Imagine how much money you would have saved if the problems in the last capital project were eliminated. We are serious - We can make it happen.